This is the API documentation for CascableCore. CascableCore is an SDK for connecting to and working with WiFi-enabled cameras from Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, and Sony.

There are a number of resources for working with CascableCore. It’s strongly recommended that you read them through in order to understand how to work with cameras — this documentation is a direct API reference, and our other documentation provides a better starting point to understand the concepts in play.

  • For more information on the CascableCore product, including getting a trial license, see the Cascable Developer Portal.

  • The best starting point for working with the SDK is by seeing CascableCore in action by checking out the CascableCore Demo Projects repository. You’ll need a trial license for it to do anything useful!

  • Next, our Getting Started With CascableCore document contains discussion about the CascableCore APIs and concepts in the order in which you’re likely to encounter them. These APIs and concepts are equally important for both Objective-C and Swift developers.

  • The CascableCore Simulated Camera Plugin lets you develop your app against CascableCore’s APIs without having to have a real camera to hand at all times.

  • If you’re using CascableCore with Swift, we recommend that you use CascableCoreSwift, which adds a number of Swift-only APIs to CascableCore that make working with it easier.